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The United States of America Government versus Spain’s Government

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There is a congregation of political systems around the world. July 4th, 1776 has been celebrated as one of the most vital time in the history of United States of America. It was the beginning of the establishment of a federal government originally encompassed 13 nations. This eventually grew to 50 states the country is now made up of. In 1978, a new foundation was authorized, which substituted the important laws under which Spain had been ruled since 1938. This formally founded a legislative kingdom.

The difference between the Unites States government and Spain’s government is that the U.S. constitution was operative as of March 4, 1789 while the Constitution of Spain has been applicable only since December 29,1978. That is a 200-year difference.

The government of Spain is a constitutional Kingdom while the United States of America has a Republic form of government. Meaning that a king and prime minister rule Spain while a president and vice president administrates the United States of America. Barack Obama is the president and Joe Biden is the vice president of the United States of America and Juan Carlos de Borbon Y Borbon is the King of Spain and Mariano Rajoy Brey is the prime minister of Spain.


Spanish King Felipe (L) and acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy pose before their meeting at Zarzuela Palace in Madrid, Spain, January 22, 2016. REUTERS/Andres Ballesteros/Pool


Here are examples of how the judicial systems are also dissimilar in Spain and the United States of America. If a person in America is considered innocent until proven guilty as well as in Spain. The difference here is that in Spain they take a precautionary measure, which is preventative imprisonment. In what way? Spain considers the person as faultless yet they hold them in jail. The United States classifies their imprisonment institutions as maximum, medium, or minimum, while Spain categorizes the convict as maximum, ordinary, and open security types of penitentiaries. A similarity that both the United States government and Spain’s government share is that they normally sustain Juveniles in individual institutions from grownups. Another comparison in the United States and Spain is that criminals are specified admission to legal staff and assistances if the convicted delinquent requests assistance in understanding their justifications. Both in United States and in Spain prisoners have a type of therapy. In Spain they have a teacher, who is usually assigned to a specified group of inmates. Although there are many people who feel dissatisfaction regarding the kings, there is a large quantity that values the royal family. So the question of their prominence is still ambiguous. As for Americans they favor having a president over a monarch.


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