What is podcasting?

Podcasts are usually digital audio files that are produced in sequences. Podcasts are so interesting because you can subscribe to a series of files that you personally like. Once you subscribe to a podcast it automatically downloads them onto to your computer or portable device. So you can listen wherever and whenever you want!

Why are people so interested?

Podcasting attracts people who want the ability to choose their own content. Instead of watching television and listening to the radio station in a car this allows you to do it on the go! Recent statistics show that 1.7% of the time Americans spend listening to audio is devoted to podcasts. It also allows viewers to hear experts discuss their work in their own voices, and allows the experts to express themselves more freely than in the usual academic forms broadcasting.


Why do people make podcasts? images-1

Podcasting is an easy and powerful way to communicate your ideas and messages to other. You can reach anyone who is searching for podcasts. People who usually start podcasts want to convey their content in series. People also start podcasts to build online communities, and often solicit comments and feedback on certain programs. People also use web blogs, groups, and forums to communicate with other listeners. Businesses are realizing that podcasting is a cheap way to advertise to groups with very specific interests. Many large companies are starting to produce podcasts too, both to communicate with their customers, and also with their own employees. Starting podcasts are super easy! You don’t need that much equipment! Just a microphone, which can be on your cellphone or computer! Another reason why podcasts may be growing is that the economics are compelling. Producing an average podcast costs far less than producing a TV show or radio show. Audacity and soundcloud are examples of editing software that host service for the audio files.

Popular Podcasts!

Here are some popular podcasts to keep up with. There is “Serial” a crime production presented by the creator of “This American Life” Sara Koenig. Another example is “99% invisible” which is a designed themed podcast hosted by Roman Mars that has run numerous super popular kick starter movements. There is “start up” alternative creation of the communal radio movement, which explicates the divided story of NPR veteran Alex Blumberg effort to produce a podcasting industry. There are also a ton of celebrities that do podcasts such as Ice T and Snooki! images

What’s the secret? Well, here it is! Broadcasting achievement has always been the drive-time customer. An estimated 44 percent of all radio listening takes place in a vehicle. Car-based spectators are confined, they tune in for extended amount of time, and they are appreciated. Driver’s commitment to the AM/FM scale has made podcasting an extremely established channel.


Check out my Podcast!




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