St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

For St. Patrick’s Day I traveled to picturesque Dublin, Ireland. I was so excited for this weekend because I had never been to Ireland and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland was on my bucket list.

When we pulled up to the Shelbourne Renaissance Hotel. I was in awe the hotel reminded me of a castle. The architecture was so beautiful I couldn’t look away! The hotel was in a great location because it was only a 4-minute walk to a shopping area, which is located on Grafton Street and a 9-minute walk from Trinity College. I also saw when I arrived that the Shelbourne Hotel is near a huge public park called St Stephens Green. The land of this park measures to be about 550 by 450 meters and is concentrated on a formal garden. This public park is one of three ancient commons in the city.


After walking around freezing but beautiful Dublin I decided to stop and get some fish and chips. I heard of this incredible place called Leo Burdocks Fish & Chips. I’ve never had fish and chips before so I decided I should try some in Dublin! It’s been open since 1913; they celebrated 100 years in 2013. Their chips are enormous and taste excellent. Their fish is also very fresh and you get a massive portion. Also the batter on their fish is extraordinary, they fry it just right.


After that yummy meal I decided to walk around Grafton Street. Grafton Street was named after Henry FitzRoy 1st Duke of Grafton, who owned land in that area. Grafton Street has a great assortment of retail stores including teashops, pubs, eateries and hostels. Some retail stores that they have are Swatch, Swarovski, Topman, Ted Baker, Tommy Hilfiger, American Apparel, Levi and many more.


The next day I explored the Guinness Brewery Factory with some friends. I’ve never been to a brewery factory before so I was super excited to go through the tour. This is the most popular tourist attraction in Dublin, Ireland. This factory includes parts from the old brewing factory to describe the history of its creation.


This exhibition takes over 7 floors, in the shape of a 14 million-pint glass of Guinness. The final floor is the Gravity Bar, which has an almost 360 degree panorama over Dublin. The storehouse is where they used to add the yeast to the beer for fermentation. Arthur Guinness founded this alcoholic beverage company in 1759 Dublin, Ireland. The main merchandise of this brewery is Guinness Draught. It turned out to be the largest brewery in Ireland in 1838, and the largest in the world by 1886. The Guinness brewery factory is no longer the biggest brewery in the world, but is still the largest brewer of stout in the world.

IMG_9005 IMG_9001




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