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Green & Berry’s owner, Barcelona native, Christian Martinez was influenced by New Yorks thriving, vegan, organic, cold pressed juice restaurants. after being in the states Christian had a perfect idea to spread some green love in beautiful Barcelona. Barcelona is finally considering the craze of cold pressed juices and vegan pastries.  Green & Berry is located in Eixample on the street Carrer d’Enric Granados. this restaurant is looking to provide a better and healthier lifestyle and a distinctive mentality for the local Barcelona people.  It is open Monday through Sunday 8:00am- 8:00pm. This restaurant is known for having a warm modern vibe. Green & Berry welcomes all ages and pets. This restaurant is very reasonably priced but a fairly limited menu. The staff at Green & Berry is very attentive and friendly. The modern storefront of the restaurant attracts customers with its oversized lighting fixture, welcoming the diners towards the back area where most meals are eaten. The décor of the restaurant is beautiful! The back area has a great atmosphere. There is a small courtyard out back that is sometimes open, which is great for hot days. Green & Berry will definitely be expecting growing crowds as summer approaches!

Click the link below to check out the owner Christian talking about how he started this restaurant Green & Berry.  https://youtu.be/KJkvzT646iA

what inspired you to open up a organic restaurant in Barcelona ?

“I was living in New York and Miami for about a year and saw how the health trend was everywhere, specifically cold pressed juices.  Many small restaurants and cafes had a cold pressed machine for making juice and I recognized that this idea was not present in Barcelona. I bought a cold pressed juicer in the United States because the original proposal was to open and start just a juice and smoothie bar.  But I ended up finding a place a bit larger in Barcelona in addition to a chef whose skill is in healthy organic vegetarian and vegan food, so I turned it into a full restaurant.Being a bit outside the more touristy areas like Raval and Gothic Quarter, we are able to attract more locals.  And we’ve seen that everyone who tries us comes back!”

Do you think Barcelona is becoming  more of  a healthy city overall? 

“The people of Barcelona are adapting to the idea that the city is becoming more aware of health. The more individuals become aware of their diet and eating habits the more they understand it and feel better, mainly the Spanish residents”.

What is your motto at Green & Berry?

Nutrition is life. You can learn more about Green & Berry on their Facebook page or Instagram. This restaurant is the perfect place to stop by for a healthy bite, especially for those following the green lifestyle.

How many different flavors of juices and smoothies do you make?

“We have 15-18 flavors of cold fresh pressed juices and 12 smoothies”.  

What’s the big deal about cold pressed juices?

Green & Berry concentrates on four fresh beverage themes, greens, roots, fruit, and hydrators. Greens contain spinach, fennel, celery, and many more delicious veggies. Roots include beetroot, carrots, etc. Lastly, hydrators contain almond milk, oat milk, cashew milk, and coconut water. Soon, Green & Berry will be adding health shots to the large delightful beverage line.

Well, here’s a fun fact: 60-70% of the vegetables’ nutrients are lost in a regular blender. Fresh cold press juices preserve the vitamins and therefore the health benefits most of us are looking for in our daily diets. Green & Berry uses 2-2 ½ kinds of fresh fruit and veggies in each drink and there are no preservatives.

Here’s the catch! You can’t break the cold temperature chain of the fresh cold pressed juice or it will begin to break down all the nutrients. That means you have to drink it within 3 days and to maximize the flavor and health benefits drink the cold pressed juice before you leave the restaurant.

Are all of the products and food you serve organic?  Are they all vegetarian or vegan? 

Christian explained that all the produce served at Green & Berry is organic vegetarian or vegan. Many of the homemade nut milks and vegan pastries are gluten free too. He doesn’t serve anything including lactose so many of the juices or smoothies that usually have milk are made with the nut milks. Green & Berry has many selections for everybody!

The owner Christian Martinez described that Green & Berry doesn’t work with wholesalers/ venders. Everything sold in the restaurant is made directly by the chef. They have their own machine that makes alkaline water! they do not offer any sodas or sparkling water. 

What are some of your most popular dishes from the menu?

Christian said that Green & Berry offers an extremely nourishing menu and a large juice selection. The most popular bowls he said are Rio Acai Bowl, Pink Dragon Bowl, Vegan Porridge, and Raw coconut Oatmeal.

Rio Acai bowl ingredients include organic acai, banana, and apple


The Pink Dragon Bowl incorporates several fresh fruit such as papaya, banana, almond milk, avocado, agave, and mango.


The most popular and super delightful toast that they serve at Green & berry is Avocado Mash Feta and Black Avocado Mash.The Avocado Mash Feta includes fresh avocado spread, lemon, salt and feta cheese.


The Black Avocado Mash includes fresh avocado spread, lemon, blackened veggies, sesame salt, and sesame seeds.


Christian recommends the raw Salmon sandwich and Mozzarella sandwich.


Doesn’t all of this healthy food look delicious? if you are in the Barcelona area and happen to be walking down Carrer d’Enric Granados, check this green restaurant out! Cheers to healthy eating! 






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