What is blog marketing and advertising?

What is blog marketing and advertising?blog-advertising-1

Blog marketing and advertising is placing advertisements on your blog.it is as easy as that! It involves banners and text advertisements. You can put them on the top, sidebar and footer of your blog. On many advertising and marketing blogs you can make money from those numerous announcements you post. You could get paid when someone just clicks on one of the advertisements. Another way you could get paid is making a sale. How you get paid depends on what type of banner or text you choose to use on your blog.
Ways-to-Make-Money-Advertising-on-your-blog-The most common way to make money from blog advertising is done through sponsorship. You can be funded to incorporate a link, made from some targeted keywords. This may be a merchandise appraisal, a website review or it may follow your blogs content. Another approach to earn money is affiliate marketing, which is when you put up signs and incorporate the merchandises or services that the affiliate program proposes. Lastly, direct advertising will keep you with a reliable, trustworthy income stream. This will actually be charging individuals to place their announcements on your blog. For example, if you have a trendy blog, you could charge $100 per month for this service. With this you will definitely need an established audience before you devote time looking for individuals who are attracted in advertising on your blog. This wouldn’t be common for people who are just starting a blog. Some popular advertising and marketing blogs that I came across are Advertising Age, Ad Week, Direct Marketing News, DMA News and many more.blog-advertising



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