Friday, February 19th I was on my way to Spain’s capital, Madrid. When landing in Madrid’s airport it was 60 degrees and sunny and I just knew I came on the perfect weekend.

The first place I visited when arriving in Madrid was Parque de El Retiro. You can do so many fun activities in this beautiful park because it is 350 acres. Some activities consist of rowing, Velázquez Palace and the Crystal Palace. After walking around and taking pictures I decided to meet up with two of my friends Zoe and Renny and got some lunch right next to the Great Pond.



The Great Pond is known for having a good time with friends and family while possibly getting a little workout in while rowing. The weather was perfect! The sun was out and being with my two friends from school made it even better!



After that fun but tiring activity we decided to go explore more of Madrid. The next place we went to was Plaza Mayor. This square had a great atmosphere. Having nine entranceways this square attracts many people. There was a lot going on in this square. You could go to a café and get some food, get a caricature of yourself, take pictures and watch street performers. I was a little overwhelmed but had a great time.



Next stop! The Royal Palace of Madrid. This palace has 135,000 square meters of floor space and includes 3,418 rooms. It is known for being the largest royal palace in Europe by floor area. The neo-classical style of this palace is one of my favorite styles of architecture. It also has an unbelievable view of Madrid but it was blocked off  😦 so I couldn’t really see anything.



Another beautiful place in Madrid that I recommend seeing is Temple of Debod. This temple is ancient Egyptian style that was rebuilt in one of Spain’s most gorgeous parks, the West Park, which is close to the Royal Palace and the Plaza España Square. This specific site is very popular to visit during sunset. The sunset was stunning! I couldn’t look away. Something very interesting also happened at the temple. When the sun was done setting everyone started clapping I have never experienced anything like that before. That sunset was a great way to end an unforgettable weekend in Madrid!

IMG_7999  IMG_8004



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