Swiss Bliss

Thursday, January 28th late at night, a ton of students and I were on our way to beautiful Interlaken. I had never been to Switzerland before so I was extremely excited to get there. This bus ride was going to take 8 hours,  so while I was on the bus I watched some movies, slept, listened to some music and did some research.

I found out that this town in located on the Bodeli, which is amongst Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, and along the Aare River that runs between those two lakes. I also found out that Lake Brienz has a measurement of about 14 kilometers (8.7 mi), a width of 2.8 milometers (1.7 mi) and a maximum depth of 260 meters (850 ft.). Its area is 29.8 square kilometers (11.5 sq. mi), and the surface is 564 meters (1,850 ft.) above the sea level.

Finally, we arrived around 9 am and I was ready to go and explore gorgeous Interlaken with some friends. The first place I walked to was Lake Brienz.




After having a photo-shoot Zoe and I decided to do a little more exploring around the lake. We hiked up this hill and started walking toward a bridge. The view from the bridge was insane! You could see a how the lake turned into Aare River.



We noticed a huge Swiss flag at the top of the mountain and knew that we wanted to see the view from up there so we continued our adventure. While on our way to the flag we passed a cute little village of houses.


The view was spectacular. I couldn’t wait to get to the top! When we arrived at the top of the mountain Zoe and I stopped and just took it all in.



The next day,  I did more exploring around the town and got some Swiss hot chocolate from Funky Chocolate Club. It was so yummy! If you ever go to Switzerland I recommend getting some. My day of exploring came to an end with some night sledding and cheese fondue with friends . 





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