Bonjour de Paris

The weekend of January 22nd I traveled to the beautiful city of love, Paris. Arriving bright and early at 8 am Zoe and I caught a beautiful sunrise, which was a great start to this weekend


I spent most of the mornings walking around with Zoe exploring cafés, churches, and museums. While on these exploratory strolls we came across Centre Georges Pompidou also known as the National Museum of Art. This center had a great atmosphere.


People were playing live music, drawing caricatures, and blowing bubbles for the kids to play with. We decided to take a look inside the museum and at the top was a restaurant overlooking the Halles district. The Georges restaurant had an unforgettable view. The food was delicious too. I ordered a chicken caesar salad. The chicken was grilled with a hint lemon and salt. The dressing on the salad was perfect it wasn’t too creamy or fishy from the anchovies.


After eating we roamed around the enormous terrace that also had some configurations made by Jakob + MacFarlane. Next, we decided to check out the square a little more. We came across this fountain that had many abstract sculptures.



To the right of the sculptures there was a building that had a lot of graffiti, which was very colorful and caught my attention.



One of my favorite monuments that I visited while I was in Paris was the Louvre. I enjoyed standing on a block and pretending to touch the top of the pyramid. I decided to go through the museum and hit up Mona Lisa.













I then sat at a café bought a crepe and enjoyed the view and people watched. While people watching I noticed that I was in a very touristy area and decided to explore more and walk around to find a coffee shop called Costa coffee. I ordered a hot vanilla latte and absolutely loved it! I wish I could go back to Paris and get another one!


The following day Zoe and I visited the Eiffel Tower. We traveled by metro to get to there, which was very exciting because I have never taken a metro before. When we got to the Eiffel Tower it was pretty foggy out so we couldn’t see the whole thing. This is a very popular site to visit in Paris so there were so many people there it was a little overwhelming but I managed to get a selfie.

IMG_0816 (1)



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